The American Association for Hyperbaric Awareness is a 501(c)(3) corporation with EIN 20-1768426.

We were incorporated in the State of Texas in 2004 as a tax free corporation with TTN 12017684262.

Our Directors

Dr. Robert Kramer, M.D. is a founding partner of Pediatric Associates of Dallas, was president of the medical staff at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas where he founded the Cystic Fibrosis Research Center and chairman of the department of pediatrics at Baylor University Medical Center, where he founded the Baylor Pediatric Center for Restorative Care (Our Children’s House). He was also a faculty member and clinical professor of pediatrics and pulmonology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He received a bachelor of arts with honors from Brown University, his medical degree from Tufts University Medical School and did his residency in pediatrics at Yale University School of Medicine.  Dr. Kramer is an advocate of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of certain neurological and other physiological disorders.

Dr. William (Bill) Gordon, III, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice (individual psychotherapy of adolescents and adults, psychological diagnosis, and general and forensic consultation) and serves as Director of Psychological Services and Director of the Diagnostic Assessment Center at the Fairhill School & Diagnostic Assessment Center, a private day-school and diagnostic facility for learning differences students. He is an expert on Learning Disabilities and AD/HD and their associated problems. He is a Fellow/Diplomate of the International College of Prescribing Psychologists/Prescribing Psychologists Register and addresses psychotropic medication and the issue of prescription privileges for psychologists.  Dr. Gordon is an advocate of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism and other disorders of the brain.

Allene Creacy became a national advocate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a result of a very personal experience on the day after her 32nd wedding anniversary in 1997.  On that day, her husband Bill collapsed on the job with a massive brain aneuysm. He was taken to a local hospital and lay there in the emergency room, comatose for almost 6 hours with little treatment, before we could get him a Care-Flight out to Dallas.  Even though he was given little chance for survival other than in a vegetative state, he had brain surgery and was in a deep coma for almost 6 months.  Three years post stroke, in August 2000, Bill had his first set of hyperbaric oxygen treatments. He literally woke up in the chamber after the 8th session. He became conversational. He stopped dragging his right foot and leg almost completely. He stood more erect. Many of his symptoms abated or disappeared.  Bill is still with his family. HBOT has given him almost two decades with his family that he would have otherwise been denied.  HBOT also gave Alleen a new purpose in life as she works to promote HBOT for traumatic brain injuries in the military and the other benefits of this therapy for both approved and off label uses.

Allene is the founder and President of the American Association for Hyperbaric Awareness.  She has served for over 15 years as the senior ranking member of the congressional Brain Injury Task Force in Washington, D.C.  Working with the Department of Defense, she sits on a 5 person steering committee currently assessing the global research on the use of HBOT for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  She routinely consults with state, federal, and military officials on the use of HBOT in the treatment of various injuries sustained by our military.

Our Medical & Technical Board of Advisors

Dr. Jeffrey Niezgoda, M.D.
Wound Care / Hyperbaric Medicine
President, American College of Hyperbaric Medicine (

Dr. Matthew Pompeo, M.D.
Wound Care / Hyperbaric Medicine
Texas Health Resources

Dr. E. George Wolf, Jr., M.D., Colonel (ret), USAF
Aerospace Medicine / Hyperbarics
Brooks AFB

Dr. William Maxfield, M.D.
Nuclear Medicine / Hyperbarics
Private Practice

Dr. Judy Wilson, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor Kinesiology
University of Texas, Arlington

Dr. Frank Lu, Ph.D.
Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University of Texas, Arlington

Tom Fox, Physiologist, VP AAHA
Centre Hyperbare de L’Ile, Montreal
Military TBI & Blast Effects Education

Kevin Corson, CHT, DMT, EMT-P, VP AAHA
Director of Hyperbaric Medicine & Education
Restorix Health

Mr. Ralph Hall
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1981 to 2015
4th Congressional District of Texas

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